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LUOYANG KUNYAO METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD. is located in Luoyang, Henan Province,China.Ever since its foundation in 2009, the company has been manufacturing high quality aluminum products. The company has the most advanced specialized manufacturing equipment and technical expertise. It mainly deals with aluminum products on various grade, temper and thickness.
Our main markets are North Amercia, Europe, South Asia,South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, totally over 50 countries. We produce high quality products with competitive price, perfect marketing network. Our aim is to provide superior products and services, to build good relationships with customers from all over the world.
Our Factories
Our factories are located in Xin An County,Mengjing County and Luoyang Industrial Park in Luoyang City. Each of them occupies 10000㎡, equipped with advanced smelting furnace, rolling mill, slitting machines etc . We have 20 experienced R&D engineers and over 50 excellent workers.You can reach our oversea staff at anytime.We spare no effort to provice products and sales service.
Our Products
A:aluminum foil :
1.aluminum foil for transformer winding
2.aluminum foil for packing, condenser fins.
3.deep stramping aluminum foil
4.mirror aluminum foil
B: aluminum plate:
1.high quality 1060 aluminum plate for automobile building
2.high quality Paper interleaved 1100 aluminum plate
3.2024 aluminum plate for automobile making
4.3003 series grade reflective aluminum plate
5.5005 aluminum plate for automobile floor
6.Paper interleaved heating system 5082 aluminum plate
7.6061 aluminum plate with pointer design, non-skid Alu flooring
8.Professional factory supply 7075 aluminum plate
9.For battery system Customized 8011 aluminum plate
C. aluminum clad material:
1. brazing aluminum foil
2. copper clad alumium foil
D:extruded aluminum material :
1.extruded aluminum flat bar
2.extruded aluminum busbar
E. Aluminum Discs and aluminum circles.
Product Application
Our alumium foils are mainly used for transformer winding,electric cable armours ,LED lights.
Our alumium plate are widely used for constrution,building, condenser, evaporator, intercooler, automobile air conditioning system etc.
Our aluminum circles/discs are widely used in the electronics components, household appliances and other industries.
Our Certificate
Production Market:
Our main markets are North Amercia, Europe, South Asia,South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, totally over 50 countries. Annually, we export at least over 1,200 metric tons of aluminum materilas to abroad,building win-win relationship with our customers.
Our Service
Our company offers excellet products as well as good services.Our over sea sales are available at anytime.
Pre-sales service:
1.Help our customers learm more about our products, such as sizes, technially details, applications etc.
2. Offer our best price
3.Find the realible shipping agency.
Sales tracking :
If there are any questions,our sales staff will contact the customer immediatelly.We will spare no effort to meet our customers' requirements.
After-sales service:
For any questinos about the products,our engineers and production managers will contact with our cusntomers and find best solutions as soon as possible.
Working hours:
8:30-12:00 ,14:00-17:30 Monday - SaturdayChina football field turf factory

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